5 Quick tips to lower heating bills this winter
Get some sun
When the sun’s out, make sure you’re gathering that energy to heat your house. This makes the most sense through the week, when homes are often empty for much of the day. Turn the thermostat even lower and capitalize on those golden rays to keep things warm while you’re out.
Get some layers
When you are home, throw a sweater on instead of nudging the heat higher. All the money you save can go towards new…sweaters!
Get some more Zzzzzzzssssss
Did you know that a cooler room helps you sleep better and longer? It’s true! Your core temperature needs to drop in order to optimize your nighttime rest, so consider this another reason to get more sleep and turn that thermostat down to 65 degrees.
Get a gadget
Connected thermostats, like Nest from Google, let you monitor and manage your home environment even when you’re not there. They’re optimized for energy-efficiency and can even alert you when there’s a sudden drop or increase in temperature.
Get a humidifier
Channel some of that July weather we love to complain about and add some moisture to the air in there. Humid air is warmer, which means you can pretend you’re sipping an exotic drink by the ocean in Hawaii and save the airfare!